The Last Doll- La Ultima Muñeca

The Last Doll – La Ultima Muñeca is an important tradition in the celebration of the Quinceanera ‘s party.

At the right moment during the ball celebration, usually before dancing the first waltz with her dad and then with her “prince” for the night, the Quinceanera gifts the doll as a symbol of officially being introduced into womanhood at her party.

In some cases the doll is given to her younger siblings but in most cases Quinceaneras give this beautiful doll to her parents, especially her dad. Gifting this especial doll signifies that the Quinceanera no longer needs to play with toys.

I gifted mine to my Dad and then gifted another similar one to my mom with the intention that the 2 dolls – mine and my Mom’s- could symbolize playing together just like my mom played with me as I was growing up. It was a very emotional and beautiful moment to be remembered forever.

During the ball, this doll is usually placed as a centerpiece decoration at the center of table of the Quinceanera with her parents, siblings and godparents.

Alternately, this “Last Doll “ can be placed where the main Quinceanera ‘s cake is for everyone to admire until is gifted

Families create their own ceremony of gifting these rare collectible porcelain dolls. It is part of sharing the loving memories with families and it helps bring closure to the childhood of the Quinceanera.

Some of these dolls are made of elegant ceramic or porcelain and are hand painted. They are highly sought collectibles and much appreciated by collectors.     Your Fairy God Mother

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