About Your Hada Madrina

Welcome to the Princesa Quinceanera website

I have the sweetest and most amazing memories of my quinceanera party. I loved my dress, I loved being the Princess of my ball; I loved dancing with my dad as I was introduced into womanhood; I loved dancing with my Principe Azul; and I loved all my friends and family enjoying that very special moment with me. I will never forget it, especially the loved I saw in my mother’s eyes. Now, I would love the opportunity of becoming your very own Hada Madrina and help you manifest your unique and personal magic Quinceanera night.

Once upon a time I was a Princesa Quinceanera wishing for my Hada Madrina to Materialize my Dreams….

In anticipation of my 15th birthday, I dreamt of my Hada Madrina and how she would magically create the perfect Quinceanera ball for me, including my Princess dress, the waltz to dance with my dad and with my Principe Azul; and the most amazing party to share with my friends and loved ones.

My parents did not have a lot of money for this and my dad was not looking forward to seeing her little girl become a full grown woman with boyfriend and everything.  However the whole family wanted to celebrate this very special day and create an unforgettable memory for all of us.

As a girl that thinks is a woman but not quite there yet, I asked my Hada Madrina to please help out manifest my Princess Quinceanera party. My Hada Madrina turned out to be my beloved aunt Tina.

  • I wished I could have a princess dress, a princess ball  and to dance with my dad and my Principe Azul my favorite waltz -The Blue Danube.
  • I asked the higher powers to please help me create that and watched as if by magic, slowly, it all materialized.
  • I had a very clear intention and acted accordingly to back it up. I chose the theme colors, the dress, the music, I practiced dancing with my dad and with my Principe Azul and in partnership with my mom, my Hada Madrina and my loved ones, we made it all happen.
  • And we brought it all into reality with passion and love, getting rid of anything that blocked our dream coming true. Together we materialized it all.

I want to help Quinceaneras and their loved ones MATERIALIZE their Princess Quinceanera Dreams

It is my turn now to be Your Hada Madrina. Just as mine did for me, I want to offer you the opportunity of becoming a Princess Quinceanera with everything you want to manifest for yourself.

My Hada Madrina says, “Put your attention in what you want.  What you think about expands”.  She taught me how to be a A DREAM MATERIALIZER!!!!

She taught me to focus my thoughts, my inner world, and my capacity to attract the best of what I want into my life.

I want to help you create your own unique and unforgettable memory with your Princesa Quinceanera, your dad, your Principe Azul, your mom and all your friends and loved ones.

My Hada Madrina mission for you is…

To offer inspiration, ideas and products so that your dream can also come true.


If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below

Your Hada Madrina